Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Workplace Wednesday

Well it's Wednesday and I'm starting a new mini-series about my workplace.  My home away from home.  As you will be able to see, my desk contains quite a bit of personality.  Lots of items that have proven to be conversation starters!  First up, so as not to overwhelm, will be a section of my desk.  The left section.
This is one of my favorite sections of my desk.  It's got a few of my favorite photos and desk trinkets.  On the outskirts, each day I normally throw my keys somewhere haphazardly on the desk.  I always am armed with my Grande Latte of the day and a muffin.  Let's get a little closer shall we?
I keep a stack of photos that I look through from time to time.  One of my favorite photos of Benjamin and me taken by The John Carmack, our trip to visit Kermit the Penguin, and my sweet little Winston face are constant companions in my day!  Isn't that just the cutest little face?!
My Sunshine Buddy is one of my most treasured desk decorations.  He has been with me since 2004 when I worked in Aberdeen and is consistent in his methodic action of moving his head from side to side.  The role of the Sunshine Buddy is to release stress when you watch his head bobble.  He's worked at Hunting, Ferrell North America, Spirit Environmental, PFSweb and Hess.  He's met a lot of people, heard a lot of conversations and has been asked a lot of questions.  He faithfully bobs his head back and forth with his simple smile.  
The other two trinkets that have been with me almost as long are my sweet Funky Ballerina pen and my Prince Frog clock.  Funky Ballerina is currently rocking a "Don't Text and Drive" thumb band provided by Hess as initiative to promote our safety culture.  I think she rocks it pretty well!  Prince Frog is great.  He's super cute with his tiny, gold crown and bulging eyes.  He is adorable and cute, however he normally runs a minutes behind and gets reset every few days or two.  

And that's the left side of my desk!  I know you're gonna be hanging on the edge of your chair until next Wednesday wondering what mysteries await you for the continuation of Sara's Desk!

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