Saturday, February 1, 2014

Master Bedroom: Phase 1

When Benjamin and I first got married we put the full sized bed and little side table that was in my apartment into our spare room eager for guests to come and visit us!  That left us with the need of finding a new bed that would be ours.  We popped over to Ikea and purchased a bed frame, two night stands and a dresser, made a second stop for a mattress and called it a day.

When we moved into the Crazy Crib, we knew that our trusty bed set would become the spare bedroom furniture and we would get something new!  We are one of those people who let our dog sleep with us and with the size of the new room, we decided to upgrade to a king bed.  {Not a California King Bed, but you know that song plays in my head every time I say king bed.  Not saying I'm proud of it - it just happens!}

After weeks and weeks of him-hawing around, we took advantage of one of Winston's Saturday afternoon nap times and did some searching, eliminating, and selecting of master bedroom furniture.  That day we picked our headboard and in the next weeks to come we chose our bedding and side tables.
The headboard arrived first and turned out to be a bit darker and a smidge more green than it shows in the pictures online.  However, we were still pleased with it and felt that it was of good quality for the price!  Our bedding we ordered from Anthropologie and love it!  It is the perfect blend of colorful + "hey, we're adults!"  
The side tables were found online at Target and originally we ordered them in the yellow color.  When they arrived at our house, corners on both tables were broken.  Benjamin loaded them up in the truck, headed to Target and was determined to exchange them.  Unfortunately, the yellow was only sold online.  So he came back home with the damaged yellow ones.  The next night we  decided to try the bluish-green ones and we are glad we did!  They compliment the quilt perfectly and are a spot on color match to the headboard!
The item I am most excited about is the Bang Lamp.  This lamp has been on my list since it was released.  We finally found a vendor that had it in stock and I am anxiously waiting for it's arrival!  
While we have made a good start, we still have a ways to go.  On our list to finish out this room is: a settee, a little table, new side lamps, paint and a new light.  And curtains.  
A thank you goes out to MIL and FIL for helping move furniture around!  

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