Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Orleans Day 3: Insectarium

Our last full day in New Orleans started off with another lazy morning.  I sipped my coffee while little Bug cuddled next to me watching cartoons.  We met sweet friends from ortho residency and walked to The Green Goddess for lunch.  I had their Green Goddess wedge salad and my tastebuds were not disappointed!  I will say that they did not have high-chairs or a kid-friendly menu, so if you are taking a wee one bring snacks and a stroller!

Just about the time we were back to the hotel, we were met Benjamin on his way back from the conference.  Then we took a family nap which was much needed but about after an hour I was ready for everyone to be awake to go on our next adventure!
I did however contain myself and let them wake up on their own to avoid any grumpy-pants moments from either of them!

When everyone was awake, we bundled up for the outing and headed just a few blocks away to the Audubon Insectarium!  I am not a huge creepy crawly fan, but Benjamin enjoys looking at the different species of beetles and we assumed it would be something that our own Bug would like.  The Insectarium did not disappoint!

Inside of a Federal Building the Insectarium is laid out very nicely.  All exhibits were informative and creative.  There was everything from beetles, to ants, to cockroaches, a display on mosquitos, and a 4D movie experience!
My favorite part was the Butterfly Garden.  It was a special moment to see Winston's fascination and curiosity for the butterflies. 
All in all we were at the Insectarium about an hour and a half.  It was a good amount of time to spend perusing through the bugs.  The best part of the day came next...

Cafe Du Monde!  Winston loved the beignets and Benjamin learned that he can no longer share a large milk with little because he won't get but two sips!
For me, having our last New Orleans outing be with my two favorites eating a sweet treat was the bees knees!

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  1. Nice family shoot and in this blog you share your daily life experience . i love your blog thanks for sharing !!!!!!


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