Thursday, December 31, 2015

So Long, 2015!

The house is quiet.  Winston has been tucked into bed.  The fireplace is on.  A Lulu is snoring.  In a few hours, I'll open the back door to bid 2015 farewell and then open the front door to welcome in 2016.  It's a tradition that we picked up living overseas when I was younger and I continue to do it because there is something romantic about leaving out the old and ushering in the new.  

This year I started out by saying that I wanted to have intentional gratitude.  And I end it feeling the same way.  I am grateful for every day this year.  Each day I learned how to lean on God more, how to trust in His plans and His timing.  I think having a toddler will do that to a body!  Watching Winston grow, change, develop, explore - all of it an honor.  My heart loves being a part of his every day.  Being available to support Benjamin in his job and together making major decisions that affect the future of our family is a privilege!  Not every moment of every day was a walk in the park, but its funny how I don't even remember much about the hard days.  What I do remember is that at the end of those days being thankful that I have people that I am able to take care of and love on who love me back.  

The photos below are just a few snapshots out of each month.  The crafts, the playing, the laughter, the baking, the woodworking, the reading - all of these things happened in full force this year.  And I expect that they will continue in the ordinary moments of next year too!  :)  

Monster Jam, lots of Lego projects for the game room, tons of snuggling and time outside with Lulu consumed most of our days in January!
The month of love!  We continued our normal routine of having fro-yo every Thursday after school! 
April was a busy month for us!  We visited Great Wolf Lodge, saw Thomas, flew to Pennsylvania for a visit, had donuts with Dad at school, and spent as many evenings as possible outside either on the porch or taking a bike ride around the hood.  
The month of Tacky Prom, a fancy night out at an art show, time at the zoo, Mother's Day, some rest and relaxation all before two awesome trips: One to San Francisco and one to Destin, Florida!
Father's Day, blueberry picking, loads and loads of time in the pool, playing with school friends, and a trip to Austin filled our days.
The Circus and a family trip to Pennsylvania to meet Daniel Tiger was the highlight of this month!
Painting with the giraffes and the announcement of a new little Cozad provided all of the excitement we needed! 
The start of school and new routines while Benjamin went on a mission trip to Brazil!
Winston turned three, we swan our last swim in the pool, learned that Truman Ayr was joining our family and dressed up for Halloween.  
Our first trip to Santa's Wonderland, a visit to zoo lights, a quick trip to Dallas and fun outside due to the warm weather!
We celebrated the coming of Christmas with lots of baking, Christmas light looking, and family time!

So long, 2015!  You were full of adventure, surprises, growing and lots of love!  You were memorable and while we are sad to see you go, we look forward excitedly as we know that God has great things planned in 2016!


  1. You are absolutely precious. I love reading this blog and watching your family grow - it is so inspiring and fun and laugh-out-loud funny. Love you guys and the joy you bring to this world! Kenna

  2. I love that you open the back and then the front door! How neat is that. I love this round-up of pictures by month. What a great year. And I am loving that denim romper in the beach picture. You guys are adorable!


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