Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kids Behind the Blog: January 2017

Another new year and another round of my favorite link up, Kids Behind the Blog!  This was one of my favorite things last year and I think the only thing I consistently blogged!  I was super pumped when the ladies who host this link up announced they were going to continue for 2017.  So without further ado:

1.  What is your favorite thing to do or play when inside?
Play with Play-doh, Monster Trucks and my brother.  I also love to do crafts.  Doing crafts is probably my favorite!

2.  Have you ever seen or played in snow?
No, not yet.  But we are going to visit my friend Jackson in Denver and there will be snow!  I want to make snowballs to throw them at somebody like Buddy the Elf.  

3.  What was your favorite gift you received for Christmas?
The little car thingy.  {The Ultimate Car Garage from Santa!}

4.  What's your favorite winter vacation you have ever been on?
We haven't been on a winter vacation yet, have we Mommy?

5.  Would you rather live where it's warm or have all four seasons?
I like Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Four seasons is better than one season.

Since we live in Houston, we don't see a ton of winter weather.  Especially this year.  It was an unusually warm winter... we had two days of what I would consider good, cold, stay inside and snuggle up weather!  I still have my fingers crossed that we'll get another burst of cold to come through.  These 75 degree "winter" days are crazy to me!  But then, I digress.  Winston has experienced snow one time - when we went to visit family in Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving.  He was just over one so he doesn't remember too much of it.  He had been asking quite a bit to see snow this year, thanks to snowball throwing scene in Buddy the Elf!  In a few weeks time, we'll be taking our little family to visit some sweet friends in Denver and fingers crossed, get to build a snowman!  


  1. Oh sweet boy! Playing with his brother is one of his favorites. I melt! What a sweet boy. Snow is fun and he'll have a blast when he finally sees some. :) So glad you are continuing to link up with us.

  2. Oh friend! I just adore that sweet boy. He talks so mature. I love it. Four Seasons is better than one season – I agree buddy!

  3. He is so cute! No snow here in Florida either, which makes me sad because my husband and I both grew up where it snowed each year! I love this q&a!

  4. Yes for the four seasons!! Such a cute little guy! Stopping by from the link-up.

  5. Based on favorite things to play with, I think our boys would get along swimmingly! Boys and their monster trucks! So glad crafts also makes the cut :)


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