Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bump It: 19 Weeks

So we've made it to week 19!  Wee Cozad and I are both doing well.  We enjoyed accompanying Benjamin to Oahu for his AAO Conference and are gearing up for our next doctor's appointment in a few weeks.  Lulu-puppy has been an absolute sweet love and still enjoys swimming as much as she has in the years previous.  She is also a sweet cuddle muffin.  My love for lemonade continues and I have not yet had any aversions to food.  Benjamin has been absolutely fantastic {as if he would be any other way} and continues to convert the garage into a full wood working shop.  He and I are cherishing every evening and every weekend we have together with each other, with Lulu, with family and with friends - taking mental pictures of the moments as time continues to march on.  
Pregnancy continues to be a miraculous and strange phenomenon to me.  It's amazing how a tiny human is growing inside.  From time to time I forget that there's a little being inside...and then I feel bubbles or a unfamiliar twinge and it's a reminder of "Hey, I'm still growing in here!"  I often find myself in amazement, giving props to God on how fantastic this all is.  It's a truly humbling feeling to know that we were designed and chosen to create life.
Wee Cozad is now the size of a mango {side note: I love mangos and just received the neatest mango peeler!} and working on honing the five senses.  My sweet mother bought me a Baby Einstein Lullaby CD in the hopes that I will start listening to more soothing sounds than the music that Wee Cozad and I jam to when driving to and from work in the evenings! 

We made a doctor change to someone that was a little closer to us than Kingwood and are happy with our decision.  Kimberly Bobo  is a part of the Women's Specialists of Houston who partner and deliver with the new Texas Children's Pavilion for Women.  Benjamin and I did our tour at The Pavilion and were very happy with the facilities and their emphasis on the importance of keeping baby with mom and dad.  We continue to pray for wisdom as we prepare to make our birth plan.

I have quite enjoyed this time of preparation, I will call it - the time before knowing if Wee Cozad is a girl or a boy.  I appreciate that there isn't too much to go do or buy.  I appreciate that Benjamin and I can enjoy knowing that we are going to be parents soon and talk about what we need to do the next few months and even the months and years after.  Sure I have been looking online at things like strollers, high chairs, beds, etc... but until we find out boy or girl, I don't want to commit to a color!  Plus I know that once we do find out, it will be like opening a floodgate of fun!!

It is a little overwhelming to think that it's half over, however we celebrate each week that Wee Cozad grows!

Oh, and my nifty shirt - I first saw the idea here and just loved it!  I did a few modifications.  Using iron on transfer material, we picked a font and then cut out the numbers with my Silhouette machine {which I absolutely LOVE!}.  Then we ironed on the numbers and outlined them with neon orange puff paint to make them pop!


  1. What a cute idea!! I can't wait to find out what Wee Cozad is!!

  2. Very cute! It really is an amazing experience.

  3. I LOVE your shirt!! Fantastic idea!!! You're adorable! Congrats!

  4. Such a clever idea to share the progress! Congrats!


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