Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's snow days like snow days!

Today I woke up to a winter wonderland of snow! I shook Benjamin so that he too could get up to share in my excitement! He protested that when he was up at 5am there was nothing... however, now that it was 7am there was at least 2.5" on the ground!

The last time it snowed, Lulu was a little hesitant around it so we were surprised when she rushed out of the house in a flurry and starting bounding around in it! She loved trying to find the snow as it landed, hopping around like a bunny in the springtime.

Unfortunately, Benjamin had to make the trek into school - despite his efforts of trying to convince one of his patients that the weather was bad. I was able to work from home today which meant I kept running in and out playing with Lulu and snapping pictures. Over a 150 if you were curious! Benjamin was able to come home early and spent sometime with us outside as well.

Darkness has fallen on us and today our little family saw a total of about 6" of snow in which we played our hearts out in. Lulu is fast asleep, worn out from her day in the snow.

We have posted our favorite 20 or so pictures here.

{lulu bounding through the fluff!}

{happy to be in the snow}

{our wintry home}

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