Monday, March 1, 2010

Chi Alpha 2010

This year was our second year to be a host home for The Heights Student Ministry Chi Alpha event. Growing up, Benjamin and I both participated our church equivalent, Disciple Now, and have such wonderful memories of growing friendships as well as understanding of who our God is. We had the privilege of hosting nine 8th grade boys and two leaders for the weekend.

This year's theme was Just God. Students learned that while our God is a loving, caring God, he is also a just and fair God. They wrote letters and created care packages for transition homes in Dallas. Neil McClendon was the speaker for the weekend and Branch led worship. It was a fabulous weekend - two of our boys made decisions to be Christ-followers!

The weekend also had a winter Olympics theme. Each group was given a country that the youth staff figured the students had never heard of. Our country was Seychelles. One of our boys did a project over this country in the 6th grade and arrived at our house armed with a team flag, team cheer and everything we needed to create T-shirts. Manfred made his youth debut as their mascot complete with matching t-shirt!

Although we were slightly tired after the weekend was over, we were blessed through the experience and look forward to 2011!

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