Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camp Celebration

Benjamin and I were unable to make it into town for Pappy's Friday night celebration.  So my Grammy planned on having a second day of celebrating at their camp in Sigel.  It was Benjamin's first time to Camp and it exceeded his expectations.

As you drive up to Camp, you are greeted by all types of animals and a sign that has been a part of the camp since I can remember.

Benjamin and I were the first ones to arrive.  We were greeted by Grammy, Pappy and a huge spread of food.  Just like Grandma to make sure that no one goes hungry!

After the rest of the gang arrive with hoagies from Miller's, we ate and then headed outside to play ladder-ball.

The rest of the afternoon passed by quickly; we walked through the woods, prepared and ate a dinner that consisted of hotdogs and homegrown corn from Pappy's garden, and ice cream from Farmer's Inn.

Being at Camp is like being at that place that takes you back to childhood memories of asking "how much longer 'til we get there?" and looking forward to stopping at Arby's and the Sigel gas pump along the way.  There are memories of pulling notes in a bucket up to the loft; memories of playing badminton and lawn darts.  Memories of walking to get water from the well and light night runs to the outhouse.  It's a place where our family would come together for times of celebration and for times of just getting away for a while.  I love Camp with all of my heart.  I love what it is and what it reminds me of: a place where everyone in the family loves to be, even if only for a day.

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