Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lulu is 3!

Lulu turned three this week.  I can hardly believe that our little puppy is growing up so fast.  I mean, where does the time go?  It just seems like yesterday that we were heading out to Nocona, Texas to meet this blue-eyed sweetie.  
We were so excited for her to turn one.  So much so that we invited over her friends and had a party complete with slip n slide, blow up pool and puppy cake.  I don't think she was as amused with her party hat as we were...
She's a good sport.
For year two we decided to take her along on our stay-cation in Dallas.  She was pampered with sweet treats, a big bed and time to relax with her peoples.

This year, Lulu and I were at my parent's house while Benjamin was at GORP - an orthodontic resident's conference.  Mom went all out with a cute cake and special treats.  
Jingle puppy wanted to get in on the cake action as well.
 Luli was very excited to get her little teeth into the cake and chased it around the table eating quite a large chunk of it!  The rest of her special day was spent napping on my lap, chasing birds and doing laps in the pool after dinner.  Happy Birthday, Lulu!

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  1. What a cute little cake. Is it a regular cake or a doggie cake?


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