Sunday, November 13, 2011

Project 52: Week 34, 35 + 36

Today Benjamin asked me if I was ever going to update my blog again.  My response was a very mature one as I stuck my tongue out at him.  Then he asked if I had given up on Project 52.  No, no I have not given up on Project 52 - I've just been otherwise occupied, ya know making money and being a wife.
All of the photos from Week 34 revolved around our trip to San Antonio.  Benjamin was such a champ finishing off that cinnamon roll!  Funny story about the McDonald's run after Lulu's.  You should ask Benjamin about it.  Or Luke or Kala - they tell a very funny version of it!
Benjamin working on a retainer for a patient.  My official offer letter from The Oil Company arrived!  Jingle Jangle and Lulu chilling out on the Kermit rug.  That rug is one of Lulu's favorite places to be.
Jingle wanted to take a ride home with me to Pearland.  Next time, sweet pup!  Kala + Kate and I at Tabletop Friends.  Shawna makes these awesome covered strawberries and she brought them to girls night!  Benjamin snapped this photo of Casey and Luke.  I side with Luke, donuts are better than celery!

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