Saturday, November 12, 2011

Travels: Girls to Pittsburgh

One of the many things I was able to do in my season of transition was to go on a girls trip with my Mom and Salem to Pittsburgh.  My parents had purchased Wicked tickets for their moms as a Mother's Day gift this year as well as a block of tickets for the women in our families to join in on.  Two years ago, Mom and I took a similar trip to see The Rockettes with the ladies.  This year was special because Salem was able to join us and it was her first trip to Pittsburgh!

The first day we arrived, we went down Grill 36 and to see Heinz field.  I particularly wanted to see the Mr. Roger's memorial.  The last time we were in the city it was still under construction.
Jerome Bettis' Grill 36 is one of my favorite places to eat in Pittsburgh.  Yes, it is a touristy thing to do, but it's right by the stadium and the rivers and they have delicious pierogies + homemade pretzels.
The next morning we headed to the Andy Warhol museum.  Salem is fan of Andy's and it was on her list of things to see while we were in town.  How great would this wall paper look in a kitchen?  Must find where I can get some...
The three of us girls loaded up into the car and headed to Kittanning so that Salem could see where Mom and Dad grew up.  Fun fact about Kittanning:  Mothman Prophecies and the new Katherine Heigal film, One for the Money was filmed there.  Across the river is Ford City, home of Ford City Bakery where they make the best maple rolls and you can buy half a dozen for three dollars.  It's also were we stopped to see my Aunt Deborah.
Good genes run in the family.
Next stop was Grandma and Grandpa Bowser's house where Salem got a grand tour of the farm, dug potatoes, pet a baby chick and collect eggs!
We also swung by Grandma Ruby and Papa Jim's as well for some fantastic pie and pie crust.  I could eat myself sick on Grandma's pie crust.  
The third day in Pittsburgh was dedicated to Wicked! and dinner with all of the ladies.  The show was absolutely delightful and met every one of my expectations...even the fourth time around!  Mom had reservations at Walnut Grove in Fox Chapel after the show.  The three of us arrived first which worked out perfectly.  It gave me time to set out the dinner favors.
Yes dear reader, the favors were favor size apples from the  California Carmel Company!  They shipped from California to Houston and then I carried them in a cooler from Houston to Pittsburgh.  Through security.  In which I got singled out and they had to do a search of my apple bag.  Thanks to Mr. Security Man, I was able to take my cooler of apples with me and share their delicious goodness with the ladies of my family!  These ladies:
Cousins, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, daughters.  The whole gamut.  Family is good for the soul.
Our last day in Pittsburgh, the three of us rode the incline and then went to brunch at The Grand Concourse.  It was a fabulous way to end the weekend!
Love these ladies!

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