Saturday, January 7, 2012

Girls Night

I went to college at Houston Baptist University.  While there I lived with 13 girls.  Not all at the same time - over a period of three years.  Can you imagine living with 13 girls all at once for months at a time?  I mean, when there that many girls sharing a cabin at youth camp for a week in the summer - that's different than 13 girls for a year!  The last year of my time at HBU I lived with Stephanie and Stacie.  I moved into the room that Rochelle lived but frequented the apartment.  

The memories I have with Stephanie, Stacie and Rochelle are too many to start typing about.  Leading you down memory lane would consist of a lot of stories that I would have a riot reliving would leave you just very confused... or amused...  I'd like to think you'd be amused.

I went back through my iPhoto library to see what I could rustle up.  Most of my college photos are on film with CD back up under my guest bed.  I did have this beauty:
and this one:
Yes.  Those are foil hats on our heads.  We were inspired by the movie Signs.  And yes, those are home made t-shirts.  And we LOVED self-timers on cameras.  Self-timers on cameras are amazing.  It's okay to feel a little jealous.  We know that our awesomeness surpasses anything you've seen to date.  :)

The four of us also headed to Los Angeles, CA to see James Masters with his band Ghost of the Robot.    Stephanie loved him in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And we were good friends to go with her.  She knows it too.  We haven't let her forget that.  Or who the real funny friend is.  Or that she is not olive.  (Just kidding Stephanie!)  We also did sight seeing and had a blast!
This is from Stephanie's bridal shower...who doesn't love squeezing into an elevator and taking photos?
Anyway, the point.  The point is this week I spent the evening with these three ladies eating good food, having fantastic conversation and picking up where we left off.  These girls make me smile.  Between the four of us: we are all married, have three dogs and four children.  Stacie lives in Kentucky, Rochelle in West Houston, Stephanie in South East Houston and me on the opposite side.
 It's not often that we get together... but when we do we don't miss and beat jumping right back into where we left off.  I am so thankful to God for these three ladies - each of them influenced my life and played a part in shaping my college memories.  Here's to looking forward to the next get time I get to hug your necks! 

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  1. HOW did I miss this AWESOME post, and about me too!!! Squee! Love you Seera Mu and you're making me want to go dig up some of my old pics too! You should post the Ahnold and Porkside vids on here... hee hee. ;-)


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