Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well, hello!

Well, hello old friends.  It has been a while, hasn't it.  There are several things I can't wait to catch you up on that we have been doing around Houston - like trying fabulous new restaurants or watching wiener dog races or even going to the Art Car Museum!  Our life has taken a turn for the interesting lately and our routines tend to be a bit out of sorts...something about growing a human that does that to a person... and their spouse!
Baby Cozad!
Expected Date of Arrival:  Mid-October 2012
This photo:  10 weeks and 5 days
Today:  11 weeks and 3 days

I'll be posting updates on how we're doing and plans and all that happiness as we go along!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting!

  2. Congratulations! Sam couldn't hold in her excitement of being an aunt again and shared the news with me. I'd been waiting for your official announcement to congratulate you properly! How exciting!

  3. this is the most amazing news! congrats, cozads!

  4. So excited for you guys!! There is definitely something crazy that a little baby does to your body when you are carrying them. Hope you are feeling well! Congrats again!!!


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