Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pregnancy Reveal: The Johnsons

We were getting together with my family to celebrate my brother's 25th birthday on the Saturday before our doctor's appointment.  Noah had chosen The Grove as the place he wanted to eat.  Since it's downtown, I asked Benjamin if it would be okay to offer the family to come to our house for presents.  This would allow us to celebrate Noah's accomplishment of making it to 25 and for us to be in a comfortable setting when we gave the news.  He agreed, and the family was eager to come down after dinner.  Win!

I didn't want anything to be out of the ordinary or blatantly obvious, so I decided that I would make a little care kit for each both Mom/Dad and then for Salem/Noah.  It included diapers, a bottle, a pacifier, a spoon, a jar of baby food, baby shampoo and powder.  Inside the lids, I had written "Congrats Auntie Salem and Uncie Noahy!" and "Congrats Dharma and PJ!".
A few minutes after Noah completed his gift opening, I said that I had been working on a little something that I wanted to give to both families, but that they were identical and they'd need to open them at the same time.  My heart was beating so fast and I was a little nervous... This was BIG news that they were about to receive!  

As soon as I said go, Salem and Noah both started screaming and laughing!  Mom was a little confused as she was wondering why I was giving them baby stuff...shouldn't Noah and Salem be getting that?!  And then it hit her... WE were having the baby!!  Rejoicing ensued!!

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  1. Congratulations Sara - very exciting!! Best of lucky during your pregnancy and with the new family addition1


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