Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bump It: 35 Weeks

We are on the cusp of week 35 folks!  35 weeks down and five to go.  More than ever we are realizing how fast time flies...and how much Winston is growing inside!  We have our final sonogram on Friday to get his latest measurements and do all the checking that need to be done.  This will be the last time we "see" him until he makes his debut into the world!  Then start the weekly doctor's appointments.  I have a feeling that going to those appointments are when the reality of how close Winston's birth day really is will set in.

Thanks to the awesome advice given from the first GAPTAP on hospital bags, Benjamin and I feel like we are ready to tackle making that list this week.  We will also be attending our Parent Readiness class at The Pavilion.  We are getting psyched up to be able to conquer swaddling!

Benjamin continues to work diligently on the rocking chair, which I am proud to report is in it's finishing stages!  He has done a fantastic job creating this special piece without any official blueprints.  It can hold the weight of a person and yes, it even rocks!  He has poured hours of love into this chair and I can't wait to see the first time he and Winston rock in it together.  Such sweet milestones to look forward to!

I continue to sleep very soundly at night only getting up to use the restroom and then I plop successfully back to sleep.  I am thankful for this rare blessing.  I continue to find myself napping for a little while when I get home from work to rejuvenate me for the rest of the evening.  My left foot continues to look puffy on most days except for when I have it elevated or have been snuggled up under the covers on on the couch resting.  There are some days when I feel like a bruise has resided over the entire surface of my body from the aching that I'll feel in my muscles.  Even on those days, I try to be thankful for the little human that is growing, bouncing, hiccuping, and I'd like to think, dancing inside!  
We continue to be in awe of the love and support that we receive from those around us in the anticipation of Winston's arrival.  It's hard to imagine what life will be like with him, and yet I'm trying to take mental snapshots along the way, treasuring the quiet moments.  For five years, Benjamin and I have been making memories and going on adventures as the two of us.  Then we added Lulu and she joined our crazy little family.  Now that Winston is on the way, we are ready for the new adventures that we will be going on!  Our prayers are that we can be molded into parents who will raise a Winston who is comfortable in his own skin, pursuing the passions that God places inside of him as well as seeking after Him and desiring to know Him fully. 
How excited we are getting to meet our little WAC!


  1. I can't believe that you are 35 weeks. I feel like your pregnancy has flown by. Maybe not for you though!! I also didn't realize that you were due so close to the Kennedys. Courtney and Paxton are due on the 29th of September. So fun!!!

  2. It's so neat that Benjamin is building your rocking chair! Is he building everything else as well? I hope you post pictures!!


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