Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GAPTAP: Training for a 5K

The people who know me best will tell you that I am quick to say the only way I would be caught running voluntarily is if I were being chased by a large ferocious animal.  I have never really been one for exercise or sticking to a workout routine.  Although I did participate dance all growing up (and loved it!) and played tennis in high school (and enjoyed it!), that doesn't make me overly athletic.  My mom and I have distinct memories of one of our family trips where we were hiking up the side of mountain and I stopped, plopped down against the rocks and loudly repeated over and over, "I'm tired!  I can't do this! I want to stop!  My feet hurt!  I'm just so tired!"  It's not that I can't do it - I mean, I've worked out before - it's just that it's not fun and I don't like it.  :)  

Well dearest reader, I am here to ask for your advice:  What program or app have you or someone you know used to get prepared to run a 5k?

Insert pause.
Now that you have picked yourselves up off the floor...here's the reason I'm asking:  Little Salem found a 5K fun run happening in December in Galveston that we have signed up for.  It's the Santa Hustle!  For registering we get a Santa shirt, beard and hat!!  Plus their will be carols and candy!!  And you best believe that Winston will be dressed up in some sort of outfit - whether that's a reindeer or an elf has yet to be decided!  All of us are going to participate and even though I know that walking it is an option, I'd still like to give running jogging a good effort. 

So again:  What program or app have you or someone you know used to get prepared to run a 5k?
Ready...set... go!


  1. Hal Higdon has great running plans...http://halhigdon.com/training/50932/5K-Training-The-Most-Popular-Racing-Distance

  2. i did the active trainer.com Couch to 5K app. it's like 1.99 and worked for me, but i'm sure there are some free ones out there that would be just as good. The app interface has some issues.

  3. I never used a particular program or app. I just picked a point to run to, then a point to walk to, alternating and stretching out the distances run over time while shortening the walking until I was running the whole thing.

    Give yourself permission to just walk this one though, just in case. You don't know what your birth experience will be like yet (you may end up with a c-section which carries a much longer recovery time, for example). Your body may not be ready to do that, especially since you weren't running prior to or during the pregnancy.

  4. We used couch to 5K in the beginning. It is good. But then we started picking landmarks and jogging to those. It gets easier! Take it from this fat girl! We finished our first this past Saturday and are already scheduling more! Way to go girl!

  5. I am doing the couch to 5K and it's been great. I have always hate running and still do, but it's atleast getting easier the more I run. I have the active.com C25K app and it's been great. I love how I can listen to music while i run and my phone vibrates when its time to walk or jog.

    And I agree with Christine. Just listen to your body. You may or may not be ready to run. It took me a while to get my workout stamina back. I just couldn't work out like I did pre-baby for quite a while. It wouldn't be the worst thing if you had to walk.

    Good luck!!

  6. And I meant to also say that I love the little GAPTAP logo you made!! It's super cute!!


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