Friday, September 27, 2013

So Long, Farewell....

Tonight is the last night for our family to spend in Pearland.  I spent the day packing up the remainder of our belongings with Benjamin joining in after he saw a few morning patients.  The rooms of our home now look like this:
We have two trucks and two crews arriving for an early start to load up and spring us forward to our new home!  Tonight, Benjamin and I reminisced about how it was that we even ended up at this house.  Again, God's provision was impeccable.  Even though we are so excited to start a new adventure, we are a little sentimental leaving this house.  It's been a great house and our landlords have been absolutely fantastic.  Thanks to them, we were able to stay in one place for the entire residency + an extra month!  

We have shared dinners with friends, hosted costume parties, dinners with family, and celebrated holidays and birthdays in this house.  It was Winston's first house.  I can still remember that first day of bringing him home like it was yesterday.  These wall have heard stories of our days, laughter, tears, more laughter, music and baby screams!  Lulu has frolicked to and fro in the backyard and we have enjoyed walks to the park.  We are thankful for all of the memories + hundreds more that we were blessed to make.  

Like we did in our first house, Benjamin wrote our names and how long we've lived here on one of the beams in the attic - leaving our mark forever.
Farewell house!  May you be a blessing to the next tenets!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

  1. Today is the last day for me to drive to work from the South side of town.
  2. Today is the last day for Winston to be at his Pearland daycare.
  3. Today is the last day for our fabulous pet sitter to come and let Lulu out.
  4. I am sad to leave the people who have loved and cared so faithfully for my precious littles.
  5. I am overwhelmingly thankful for the new home we will be moving to.
  6. I cannot wait to start decorating!
  7. Why is Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice latte so dang good?!
  8. Looking forward to seeing Hubby this evening.
  9. Can't wait to give Lulu her treat from Ellen!
  10. Why are some people obsessed with spreadsheets?
  11. It's amazing to me how the smartest of people are baffled by the most common sense things.  Bless their hearts.
  12. When my boss sends me YouTube videos to watch, I must do it because technically, he told me to.
  13. I love it when I have free lunches!
  14. I think I'll eat Potbelly Uptown salad for dinner...
  15. I think its funny when the most seasoned person on my team talks to me about Cow and Chicken for a good 20 minutes describing the Orthodontic Police!
 Hope everyone has had a Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workplace Wednesday {2}

Last week I started a mini-series on my work space.  In continuing with the series, we'll continue the tour around my desk!
From where we left off last week, a panorama of the next section. Not a dull spot allowed!
I love having two screens at work.  In a normal day I have multiple applications open and multiple files within each application so the more screen space I have to toggle from this to that is golden!  I was given a little flair aptly placed on the top right hand corner of my right hand screen that says "Woot!  Let's Dance!"  Not that I need a lot of encouragement to bust a move!
Below my screen lives a cast of unlikely friends!  My scary looking Norwegian gnome was given to me by a co-worker after a trip to...Norway.  Grimace is a blast from the past when McDonald's was doing their mini beanie baby characters.  My sweet Scottish Smurf, named Angus, has been with me for quite some time - another desk staple!  No desk is complete without a Hess bouncy ball and a PFSweb Superhero!
Moving to the right side of my desk, just a little something hanging to make people smile!...or maybe not if you are a grumpy cat.
A few more little trinkets: a sweet angel from a sweet angel, family while Winston was cooking, and my Oh, Henry.  Oh, Henry is one of my most treasured desk toys next to Sunshine Buddy.  I acquired Oh, Henry while working at Spirit.  You push his foot (the one with the worn mark) and record whatever you want to.  Then you press play and he transforms your voice into a gnome voice!!  He has provided countless good times with co-workers and has never failed to bring out a smile from even the most cantankerous person!

That's it for this section of my desk... until next week!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OOTD: Red, Black and Olivia the Ostrich

This is my first outfit of the day post!  I figure try it once, see how it goes and if it's a good fit do it again!

Today's outfit was picked specifically around the cute ostrich in rain boots necklace.  I've had this necklace for quite a while and smile every time I wear it!  Olivia is complete with rain boots, a hair cover and two hovering clouds with rain droplets.  When I got up to let Lulu out this morning it was drizzling and I thought "Olivia!"  {Yes, I give names to inanimate objects!  ...You know you do it!}  However, it ended up being a beautiful blue skies, hot Houston day.   Ah well.

Red and Rainy

This skirt is super comfy and a really great shade of red!  It was a total impulse purchase from and I'm glad I got it!  The grey sweater again, a favorite that goes well with so many things.  And it's a good weight for fall time in Houston.  
Shirt: Target | Sweater: {Archive} Anthropologie | Skirt: Windsor | Necklace: {Archive} Anthropologie, but found here.

And just because...
I love his sweet "I just woke up from a good sleep" face.  Actually, come to think about it, I just love all of his sweet faces!

Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for your next outfit!  Wishing you a Happy Day!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pearland Pipe Yard Photos

For two years, almost daily, we've driven by the Texas Pipe & Supply yard.  It's the expanse of miles of pipe decorated with sculptures on 288 South.
That's right, this place.
And for two years, we have said over and over, "We should stop and take photos there!"  We even put it on our bucket list!  Days, weeks, months and years go by - no pictures.  Until last weekend!  We loaded up Baby on our last day about Pearland as a family and headed down to snap some shots.  I've loaded a few of my favorites to share.
His shirt don't lie!
If you ever head down 288 South, take a few minutes, pull over and have a little fun posing next to the oversized armadillo!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Workplace Wednesday

Well it's Wednesday and I'm starting a new mini-series about my workplace.  My home away from home.  As you will be able to see, my desk contains quite a bit of personality.  Lots of items that have proven to be conversation starters!  First up, so as not to overwhelm, will be a section of my desk.  The left section.
This is one of my favorite sections of my desk.  It's got a few of my favorite photos and desk trinkets.  On the outskirts, each day I normally throw my keys somewhere haphazardly on the desk.  I always am armed with my Grande Latte of the day and a muffin.  Let's get a little closer shall we?
I keep a stack of photos that I look through from time to time.  One of my favorite photos of Benjamin and me taken by The John Carmack, our trip to visit Kermit the Penguin, and my sweet little Winston face are constant companions in my day!  Isn't that just the cutest little face?!
My Sunshine Buddy is one of my most treasured desk decorations.  He has been with me since 2004 when I worked in Aberdeen and is consistent in his methodic action of moving his head from side to side.  The role of the Sunshine Buddy is to release stress when you watch his head bobble.  He's worked at Hunting, Ferrell North America, Spirit Environmental, PFSweb and Hess.  He's met a lot of people, heard a lot of conversations and has been asked a lot of questions.  He faithfully bobs his head back and forth with his simple smile.  
The other two trinkets that have been with me almost as long are my sweet Funky Ballerina pen and my Prince Frog clock.  Funky Ballerina is currently rocking a "Don't Text and Drive" thumb band provided by Hess as initiative to promote our safety culture.  I think she rocks it pretty well!  Prince Frog is great.  He's super cute with his tiny, gold crown and bulging eyes.  He is adorable and cute, however he normally runs a minutes behind and gets reset every few days or two.  

And that's the left side of my desk!  I know you're gonna be hanging on the edge of your chair until next Wednesday wondering what mysteries await you for the continuation of Sara's Desk!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dedicated unto the Lord

Benjamin and I experienced a sweet moment in our journey as parents - we dedicated our Winston Ace to the Lord.  In a Saturday night service at Ecclesia, Pastor Chris spoke words of blessing over Winston and anointed him with oil on his head.  The ceremony was simple and special to our hearts.

For me, it was the outward action of recognizing that Benjamin and I are caretakers of Winston as he is truly the Lord's set aside for a purpose.  The realization that the things we teach him and the ways that we encourage him to grow will shape his little personality and world view.  The values we instill in him and the outlets we provide for him to express his creativity will mold how he loves, listens and values others.  
Little baby had been teething hardcore, hence the hand in his mouth in almost every photo!  He also had a costume change after his moment on stage.  He had not been feeling the best but made it through the dedication service like a champ!
My prayer for my Winston is that he would...
... love God firstly and fully.
... follow, unabashedly, the plans that the Lord has for him.
... know that he has a family that loves him beyond words.
... love others well.
... be comfortable in his own skin.
... see each opportunity as an adventure.
... see that while life has challenges, they will always strengthen who he is.
... always know that he has a place at home.

Proverbs 22:6 | Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Zoo Day!

A few weekends ago, we ventured out in the early morning to meet Grancy and Grandy at the Zoo for a morning with the animals!
First up, the monkeys and practicing how to play the drums!  Winston loves anything that he can pound to make noise.  I think a drum set will be in his future!
Winston was a happy baby as he watched and talked to the animals.  We saw monkeys, zebras, and giraffes. 

Just as the day was starting to get a little warm, Grancy spotted a sno-cone stand and we took some time to have a cool, sweet treat!  Winston quickly added grape sno-cone to his list of summer favorites! 
To wrap up the day, we made a loop to see the Rhinos.  The first time we passed by, they were still enjoying a lazy morning.  By the time we got back to them, they were out and enjoying their lunch!
It was a fantastic day with fabulous weather!  The animals were out and active, plus we got to see the elephants have a bath!  Thanks to Grancy and Grandy for carrying around our little tot and enjoying the day with us!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Tiny Steelers Fan!

How stinking precious is this face?  
I mean, c'mon.  Can it get any cuter than this?!  Those eyes; the sweet cheeks!!  Just melts my heart...
 Just like this one...
As I think about how fast time has gone it hits me that it was about this time last year that I was super duper preggers and sporting my very own Steelers shirt with a little bubby on the inside.
Winston joined us enough time to catch a game with PJ in his very first Steelers onesie...
 and with Daddy and his spirited passie. 
I'm so looking forward to watching the games that we can with our precious tiny fan!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August iPhone Faves

Bath time is my favorite | Hands down the best honey | We have a fireplace | Pumpkin Spice Latte
Going bananas | There's no place like home | Baby in a tunnel | Drinking from a straw
Swangin' | Sleepin' | Delicious morsels from Max and Juli's | Cherry popsicles time
Daddy and Winston | Fancy night out with the Bailey's | Baby in a bucket | Smiling

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Best Mouse Ever.

A month or so ago I decided to undergo an ergonomic assessment at The Office.  The results of my assessment yielded me with new office gadgets.  I just love new office gadgets!  Last week was a big week for me as most of my new stuff came in and I am now the proud owner of a keyboard tray (how awesomely nerdy are they?!) and an Evoluent mouse!
I used to quietly giggle at people who used keyboard trays thinking, "How strange it is that they just can't use the desk top!"  And now I have been shown the light...  People, if you don't have a keyboard tray, you need one! 

Now you might have noticed that the mouse in my picture looks different than most mice on the market.  And that's because it is.  It is an Evlouent vertical ergonomic mouse.  This mouse is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used in my life!  Instead of rotating your arm to an unnatural position, the mouse supports the natural shape of the hand without twisting your arm into an uncomfortable stance as shown below.

Voila!  No more crazy arm twisting at work (other than what your boss and co-workers do!).  Another plus is that the design is super neat and it glides like a warm knife through butter!

With the use of this mouse, the strange tingly feeling that I used to get from time to time all the way up my arm has vanished and my hand doesn't feel as fatigued after a day of computer work, which lets face it - is almost every day!  At first I thought that having the buttons on the side of the mouse would be hard to get used to, but within minutes of turning it on, I was cruising around like it was instinct.  I love the thumb rest.  It just props my little thumb up in the most comfortable of ways.  Makes me wish I would have done my assessment sooner!  If you have the chance, I highly recommend you trying it out!

I like this mouse so much, it's on my list of things to buy when we get moved into the new house!

Images of the best mouse ever.
I was not compensated for sharing about this mouse.  It's just so fantastic the story had to be told!
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