Saturday, April 19, 2014


Much like last year, I wanted to get Winston's pictures taken with live bunnies.  I called up the place that we got them taken last year to learn that the location closest to us was closed for transition.  Knowing how much I wanted pictures with bunnies, Benjamin started a search online and found a lady who was selling bunnies in the neighborhood next to us.  He emailed her to see if we could borrow them for a few minutes and she said yes!  

In our minds, we were thinking that these would be tiny bunnies that we could hold in the palm of our hands.  When we arrived, we discovered that the bunnies were 9 week old were 5 pounds each and called California meat rabbits!  They were very calm and some of the best subjects for our photos! 
 Winston was cracking up and enjoying being close to the bunnies!
One of my favorites!  He was just so adorable!

Easter photos of 2014 were a huge success!  A big thank you to Benjamin for making this wifie's wishes come true!  

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