Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dallas: Lunch Bunch Reunion!

You may remember that during dental school Benjamin ate lunch with the same group of guys for four years.  They were known as the Lunch Bunch.  Since graduation, the seven of them have been scattered across Texas from Houston to Temple to Omaha {TX} to Dallas.  While most of the guys started treating patients straight after school, three continued schooling and have all since graduated joining the working world!  We received news that two of the members of Lunch Bunch {and their families} would be moving out of state.  Rachel {lovely wife of Todd} started the conversation of having a reunion of sorts.  A weekend was chosen at the end of May.  All seven families could attend - a small miracle of sorts when you realize how many people that is!

The guys have still kept in contact over the years by phone, email, periodic man time in the wilderness, and quick dinners as one may drive in or out of a town that another lives in.  This get together was the first time that we would all be together since graduation!  

In 2008, a few of us took a trip to Turner Falls in Oklahoma to spend the weekend in a lake house that Benjamin had found.  Here is our group at that outing:
{Not pictured: The Sperry and Barras families}
Adding us all up, there was a total of 19*.

Then at the time of graduation all of the Lunch Bunch members had dinner together at Maggiano's.  This is the picture from that outing {minus the Arthos & all kiddos!}:
Adding us all up {plus kids} we were at a count of 25*!

Now four years later...
...we are a big happy family of 32!  Thirty two people whose lives are connected because their husbands and dads all felt the call to attend dental school.  It still humbles and blows me away as to how God orchestrated these guys starting Baylor Dental at the same time.  That they would discover shared interests, shared passions, and shared faith.  

We are so thankful that we were able to be a part of the weekend!  The Arthos graciously opened their home to all of us hosting dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.  We downed pizza on Friday and on Saturday had a cook out where all 32 of us were together - catching up, laughing, getting to meet some of the kiddos for the first time.  For me, it was fantastic to catch up with ladies who love their husbands, their kids, who all have a great sense of humor and refreshing perspectives to offer on life.  It makes me look forward to the next time we can all get together.
Here they are, the Lunch Bunch.  
We have three general dentists, one pedodontist, one orthodontist and two pursing residencies {one in endodontics and one in orthodontics}!  It may be a few more years before all of us are able to get together again however I am certain that the guys will continue to stay in touch.  I know that I am looking forward to the next time we are all together!  

*As a disclaimer: I also included the announced pregnancies in the number!  

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