Friday, June 27, 2014

Dallas: The Perot Museum

On our trip to Dallas, besides catching up with friends, the one thing on the to-do list was to check out the Perot Museum of Nature and Science .  It was finished after we moved from Dallas.  I had heard that they had a really great children's area designed for little tots five and under.  We purchased our tickets online and made plans to go first thing on a Saturday morning.

Up and early, we headed down familiar roads bringing us to the parking garage for the museum.  A few weeks prior I had seen a photo of the cutest bright green frogs and behold!  When we walked past the Musical Forest, there they were!
We went to The World's Largest Dinosaur exhibit and it was great!  They had hands on exhibits for the kids and Winston's favorite was digging for dinosaur bones!
Next we headed to The Moody Family Children's Museum and were not disappointed for one minute!  It was Winston's first experience in a children's museum and he lived it up!  I think the water table and the camping area were rivals as his favorite areas to play in. 
 I loved that there were coveralls and hand dryers at the water play station.  Genius!  
 Just two guys, grilling up a steak!
Driving the truck, emptying the truck, sorting the fruits and veggies as well as shopping were all fun activities that both Winston and I enjoyed!
We then ate lunch at the restaurant on site and everything that we ordered was tasty {mac & cheese, chicken tenders, chicken sandwich, regular and sweet potato fries}.  The museum does allow outside food however it is not allowed to be eaten in the exhibits.  They do provide seating inside or outside and there are lots of tables available.  We did a speed tour of the remaining floors of the museum as little buddy was ready to stretch his legs and run around.  So we did just that!
By the green frogs, there is a mini river where kids are encouraged to shed their shoes, feel the water between their toes and splash to their hearts content.  
Winston had a blast running up and down the river making big splashes when he stomped and jumped. It was the perfect activity to expel the last bits of morning energy before driving back to the hotel for a rest.
If you live or plan on visiting Dallas or a near by town, I highly recommend you making this something that you do.  It is a great place for kids of all ages!

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