Friday, June 20, 2014

House a Home: Planning Desk

When we were building our house, one of the options available for our plan was to build a planning desk in the hall downstairs between the living room and the hall to the spare bedroom.  With Benjamin having residence in the study, this would give me a space where I could do things while keeping an ear out for Bug while he is playing in the living room.  

After getting settled, Benjamin and I were ready to commit to making the walls a little more colorful!  We loaded up, headed out to Sherwin Williams and bought paint for two projects: the wall by my planning desk and the laundry room.  The color we chose for the planning desk is what I now affectionately call Smurf Blue.  That night after Bug went to bed, I read some tips online about how to paint round corners and set off on personalizing my desk area.
We purchased some of the yellow Frog brand painters tape, but it didn't stick very well to the texture of our walls.  Therefore we used trusty blue painters tape.  I painted the edges first and then moved to the middle.
The desk came in handy as a seat while I painted my masterpiece!  We used Sherwin Williams paint and primer in one and I only needed to do one coat! 
 I love how my Smurf wall turned out!  After living in houses with an array of colors on the walls, having this blue wall adds the pop of color that we were looking for!  The next day I hung a few of my favorite things on the wall. 
Silhouettes of Winston {age one} and Lulu.  I love the details in the cutting of the paper - Winston's long eyelashes, Lulu's ears and the curve of her tail!
Winston's handprints from when he was about a month old and Luli's paw print.  I have had these in a box since we made them and am so glad to have them displayed them where I can see them each day.  The love sign was Winston's Valentine's Day craft for this year.  We had a blast rolling his hand with a sponge roller and giving the canvas high fives!  
I just adore my little spot.  It has some of my favorite things: pictures of my husband and Winston, my cute desk accessories, a few trinkets from travels here and there.  It is a spot where I can sit to type, write, reflect, and of course open the mail, sort coupons, find recipes!  
On the wall behind my desk is our very own mini Gallery Rinard of sorts.  They add personality to the hallway!

So that's it - my happy little planning desk!...The spot where this post has been created!  Do you have a spot you call your own?  Where is it and what are your favorite things used to decorate it?  

Please note that no Smurfs were harmed in the painting of the wall!

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