Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's On Your...Summer Bucket List!

Hello Friends!  I am super excited about this month's topic for our What's On Your... link up!  

We are talking all things Summer Bucket List!

Last year I wanted to be intentional in having a list of activities that we could do as a family or that I could do with just Winston during the day.  I put together our first summer bucket list and we really had a good time crossing items off of as we did them!  So this year, I took a few of our favorites from last year, added a few new ones and left some room to add should we come up with anything fun that we want to guarantee we accomplish!

Without further ado, here is our 2016 Summer Bucket List!
I love lists like this because as I mentioned earlier, it helps us to be intentional in doing things other than pajama days!  And you know how we love our pajama days!

Need more ideas for your list?  Check out these fabulous ladies below!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kid Behind the Blog: May Interview

Hall Around Texas

What is something I always say to you?
"You can play with me!  You can help me! I love you!"

What makes Mommy happy?
Strawberries! Chocolate! Noooo, it's when I say "I love you, my Mommy!"

How do I make you laugh?
By tickling me.  And by dancing with me.  We laugh when you spin me around and around and around and around!

What do you enjoy doing with me?
I like to go to the store.  Oh and jammie days!  And I really, really like to give you kisses! {And then he smothered my face!}

What is my favorite thing to do?
Eat ice-cream with me and have lady time so that Daddy and I can have man time.  

May is here already?!  With this month being Mother's Day it was nice to have a list of questions about our relationship.  Hearing his answers are just so sweet.  It makes me happy that he loves our jammie days, that he knows that I love him, and that he likes our dancing sessions!  I also thought it was funny that he likes to go to the store.  Ever since Winston was two weeks old I have had him out and about shopping with me.  We used to joke that Nordstrom was his home away from home!  I also think it's sweet that it sticks out that I tell him he can help me.  For better or worse, I have pretty much let Winston help me with everything I do {as long as it didn't involve super sharp knives!}.  He is my big helper and I pray that his heart always stays willing to help others.  

Next month's questions are all about Dad's and is on June 8th.  Click here for the list of questions!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Photography by WAC

You may know that our dear Winston has a love for our selfie stick.  He enjoys taking photos with our phones and even my big camera.  Because of the enjoyment that he gets out of taking pictures coupled with the arrival of Truman, we purchased Winston his very own camera and gave it to him as a Big Brother gift!  

I knew that I wanted a "real" camera for Winston.  The toddler cameras I looked at contained too many gimmicky things and I knew that he could handle it.  So we purchased him this Nikon CoolPix camera.  It is blue, it is waterproof, it is shockproof, and it has easy to use buttons!  

It is adorable how much he enjoys taking pictures!  Something will strike him and immediately he is off to find his camera and snap a few photos.  They are not always clear and there were a lot of finger shots in the beginning but he has learned where to put his fingers and says, "Say cheeeeeese!" before every click.  :)  For me, I love seeing what is important to him and what life looks like from his point of view.  

These are a handful from the first few days of him having his camera!  

Do your littles have a camera?  If so, what do they take photos of?  
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