Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What's Up Wednesday May 2019

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Here we go for our May update!
What We're Eating This Week
Since Monday was Memorial Day, we filled up on some of my favorites!  Grilled chicken, deviled eggs and orange fluff!  I also tried {and loved!} Shay's blue cheese + cranberry pasta salad.  A success!
I'm not 100% sure what we'll do the rest of the week as I'm still full from Monday 😂but I'm thinking a pasta night and maybe breakfast for dinner one night!

What I'm Reminiscing About
We took a trip to San Antonio with Benjamin's family at the beginning of the month.  We had a really great time being together and doing some fun things around town!  

What I'm Loving
I signed up to be a Color Street Stylist this month!  I have been having a fun time sending out samples, seeing what fun nail strip combinations people have been ordering and hearing how much they have been enjoying their Color Street nail polish!  I would love for you to check them out!

What We've Been Up To
This month we...
We had our first cousin sleep over!  The next photo is a little fuzzy but it's one of my favorite; I love how they're all asleep and facing the same side!  😍
Benjamin and Truman saved a turtle!  We fed him some carrot pieces and then freed him in the woods by our house.
Keeping on the critter role, Truman tried to feed a slug some leaves!
Truman's school celebrated Mother's Day with Muffins with Mom!  I love his little cheese smile and precious little hand clasp.
 Lots of reading Piggie & Elephant books in our Piggie & Elephant jammies!

Winston rode his first roller coaster!

We all got to touch a bamboo shark!
I celebrated Mother's Day with my two boys and furry girl!
 Winston started riding his bike without his training wheels!!

This little cheeser requested grilled cheese and soup one day for lunch and I was only happy to oblige!

Winston's class had a "Bring A Stuffed Animal to School Day!"  On the way to school Winston made sure to buckle in his special buddy.  😍

The summer water battles have started and the first ones have been epic!
 The buddies cheered on their cousin during her ballet recital!
 Celebrated the coming of a new little sweetheart!
 Truman and I did a last lunch with Winston before school is out and he is a big first grader!
 I picked up a trunk full of McDonald's for Truman's last day of school celebration!  🍔🍟
Truman's last day of Teddy Bear class.  He has grown so much this school year.  He's a happy, sensitive and strong willed tiny human.  He has a wild imagination, the best little giggle and his love for Moo Moo has not wained at all.  He tells me every opportunity he can that orange is his favorite color, asks for Benjamin to tuck him in each night.  Truman is still fascinated with all things sharks and monster trucks and if the two are ever together, Betsey hold the door! 😂

What I'm Dreading
I wouldn't say dreading but I am feeling a little apprehension around the longer flight over the pond with the buddies.  Historically, they have been fabulous travelers and they are so excited about sleeping on an airplane so I am sure everything will be fine.  Everything will be fine.  😂

What I'm Working On
Packing for our big trip!  The kid and I leave on Friday!  🎉 
I cleaned out my side of the closet, washed all the clothes, have made numerous trips to the stores to make sure we have everything we need and trying to leave the house in good condition for Benjamin!  

What I'm Excited About
Our big trip to
Image result for london word
The boys and I will be going over first with my parents and then Benjamin will join us at a later date!  We have a trip to Legoland Windsor on the books, tickets to a few shows and a wishlist of places to see and things to do!

What I'm Reading & Watching
I hope to have my monthly book review up this week, so stay tuned!  

Image result for hart of dixie
One night Benjamin was out with friends and I stumbled upon Hart of Dixie.  It's cute, lighthearted, a little cheesy - all the things I love in a good show!  It took a few episodes to get past some of the awful Southern accents but still worth a look-see!  It's available to view on Netflix!

What I'm Listening To
Image result for phantom of the opera playbill image
Quick on the heels of the boys loving and requesting Starlight Express on repeat, we introduced them to The Phantom of the Opera which Truman adorably calls The Handsome.  😂😍  

What I'm Wearing
I've been trying to make a conscience effort to wear more skirts and dresses.

What We're Doing This Weekend
This weekend the kids and I will be getting settled into our new home away from home while Benjamin transitions Truman's room upstairs!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
I will be looking forward to visiting some favorite places in and around London {I'm looking at you Cadbury factory!} as well as reuniting with Benjamin when he comes over!

What Else is New
Winston graduations from Kindergarten today!  
{Cue all the feelings 😍😂😭😍🎉🎈💙}
He has had a fabulous year and we are just so stinking proud of him!

I hope that the wrap up to the end of this season for you has been a good one!  On to Summer!!
Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. We really need to make a San Antonio trip! Mason has never been to Sea World. That picture of you and Truman at Muffins with Mom is just precious. And way to go Winston on all those firsts lately (rollercoaster, bike, graduation)! Exciting stuff.


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