Wednesday, January 29, 2020

What's Up Wednesday January 2020

With a new year comes a new start at documenting the things.  Last year I did gangbusters at the start and then we disappeared for a month and I never made the time for it, although I really do want to get down all of our fun fall time adventures.  For another day!  Today is about a recap of January so here we go!
What We're Eating
This week is a week of easy favorites for us: Trader Joe's Pulled Pork, Spaghetti Squares , and breakfast for dinner!

What I'm Reminiscing About
On the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday the kiddos were off of school.  Normally it would be a great time for a jammie day but since we were just coming off of a super relaxed Christmas season, I booked us tickets to go see the Color Factory installation downtown.  It was just as it says - colorful!  We all had a fun time playing in each room and enjoying sweet treats!

What I'm Loving
We have been celebrating some of the crazy days in January and had the best time doing it!  We still have "National Hot Chocolate Day" to do on the 31st and all the marshmallows are in order!
National Whipped Cream Day
 National Hat Day
National Hug Day

What We've Been Up To
We celebrated the arrival of a new year!
 Benjamin and I had a special date night with just Truman!
 A good many of my mornings were spent making Play-doh pizza!
 We celebrated my nephew's 2nd birthday! 
 We said goodbye to all of the Christmas decorations.
 We let Winston sleep in one day and go to school a little later.
 We learned how to fly a drone!
 I tried my hand at charcuterie boards and both were met with a happy reception!
 I lead the first week of our MOPS Bible Study.  It was so good to be back encouraging and be encouraged in this setting.
We went to Monster Jam!

What I'm Dreading
February is such a short month!  The time is going to fly!

What I'm Working On
We are taking a trip to the Frozen North and I've been working on making sure all the people have all the warm things! πŸ˜‚

What I'm Excited About
Our trip to the Frozen North, as I call it.  We will be visiting Quebec City, Canada to attend the Winter Carnival and stay a night in an ice hotel!!  The ice hotel visit has been a bucket list item for a long time.  A bonus is that the place where the ice hotel is located is also home to amazing snow tubing runs!  Winston isn't too jazzed about staying in the ice hotel but I think we'll win him over. πŸ˜‚The venue also gives you a bedroom inside the hotel to keep your belongings and escape to in the case the freezies get to ya.  This will be an adventure we're sure to remember! 

What I'm Reading & Watching
Like most of Americans with Netflix, I cheered on the Navarro cheerleaders in Cheer!
My book list will be up tomorrow!

What I'm Listening To
In the continuing effort to expand my kiddos' music repertoire, I have been playing what I consider old school Christian jams.  Jars of Clay and DC Talk have been reverberating through my speakers as of late!  My favorite thing is when Truman requests "Jars of Liquid." πŸ˜‚

What I'm Wearing
I've been wearing a lot of hats and glasses this season.  With the weather being so blah, it's easy to throw on a hat and go without worrying about the hair!

What We're Doing This Weekend
This weekend is a low key weekend for us and we're all looking forward to that!  I'm going to be attending a class on how to knit one of those uber-chunky blankets and I can't wait!!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month
Celebrating the month of love! 😍

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