Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the Borders....

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  My sweet husband did not have to go into clinics yesterday so he showed up at work with beautiful purple tulips and whisked me away to Chuy's for lunch.

I love Chuy's.  Their creamy jalapeƱo sauce is addicting.

A week or so ago I noticed that The Pioneer Woman was going to be in Dallas for a book signing event.  On Valentine's Day.

I own her cookbook.
I own her love story.

Benjamin, being a sweet love that he is, offered for us to spend our evening at Borders getting her to sign one of the books.  Sure!  Why not?  It would be an adventure!

After work, he picked me up in Silvy and away we went.  Off to Preston and Royal.  Off to the Borders.  Where upon our arrival there was not a vacant parking spot to be found.

Alls good - I thought.  The parking lot is kinda tiny and Benjamin dropped me off so that I could get in line.

Or get a wrist band.
That was hot pink.
That was the 6th grouping.
Because there were about 300 women in that store.

It's true.  300+ women along with their babies and a few brave husbands.

The lady who handed me my wrist band said, "You may want to go get a pizza...it's going to be about 3 hours."

3 hours?!

Then, around a corner appeared Ree Drummond and she took the podium to address the room.  I have to admit - that was pretty nifty...

We were closer to the Steelers on media day...
Look at all of those women!

Anyway - once the signing started, we weighed our options... stay at Borders for the next 3+ hours or eat some dinner and spend the night at home with Lubaby...

As much as I enjoy reading The Pioneer Woman's blog...
As much as I enjoy trying her recipes...
As funny as I think she is...

My favorite thing in the world is spending time being a little like a hermit with Benjamin and Lulu.
How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

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  1. How fun! I had no idea she was going to be in town. I finished reading her book just last week. I'll admit I downloaded it the day it came out. Looks like you had a great Vday.


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