Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dallas: Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine

Since the majority of our summer travels were going to revolve around orthodontic meetings when we made plans to visit Dallas for the Lunch Bunch reunion, we decided to make this a mini-family vacation.  For as long as we had lived in Dallas, I had been enthralled with the thought of staying at The Great Wolf Lodge.  And now that we had Winston, it was a no brainer as to where we would stay!  We prepped Winston telling him where we were going to be staying and started practicing our wolf howl!

Upon arrival at the check-n counter, Winston was given a pair of wolf ears and he loved wearing them during our stay {and now in our house!}.  It's amazing how one set of ears can elevate the experience of staying at Great Wolf!
After getting settled into the room, we took a quick walk around to check out the hotel.  The bottom level was full of things a kid {of any age} would find fun from the Magic Wands to the Sweet Shoppe full of goodies that gave me a cavity just looking at them!
While I was super pumped about the wands and the adventure of MagiQuest, Winston was still just a tad to small to appreciate it.  What he and I both did like was the Starbucks inside the hotel.  If you keep the cup you are given and bring it back the next time you get a drink, they give you a discount! 
We stayed in a King size room and were very pleased with the space we had.  There was a perfect place to set up WAC's travel bed.  The Bjorn lightweight travel bed has been the best travel bed for us. It is super easy to set up and tear down, it fits in a suitcase for when we need to fly with it and Winton is happy to curl up for night-night in it!  

Each morning we spent a little time watching PBS with our ears, eating powdered donuts and enjoying a juice box.  Twice a day there is Story Time at the Clock.  It was captivating for the little guy although here is a friendly parent PSA: The songs will get stuck in your head.
Grapevine was a great home base for us the weekend.  It was only a 30 minute drive to the Perot Museum on Saturday morning and there is a lot of shopping close by should you need it!
The main attraction of the Great Wolf Lodge is the fabulous indoor water park!  There is a fun little kiddos section that was fabulous for Winston complete with a climbing tower, water guns, stationary jet skis and slides!  Once he discovered the just-his-sized slide, it was all over.  We lost count of how many times we climbed the stairs and slid down - pure heaven in little guy's book!  His love of water coupled with his learning to swim made the trip to the water park a blast!

Another cool feature about The Great Wolf Lodge is that they issue the adults wrist bands that open your hotel room and that is used to purchase any souvenirs, snacks or meals.  The ease of use is fantastic and you don't have to worry about carrying a wallet to the water park.

In a nutshell, we all enjoyed our trip to The Great Wolf Lodge!  We highly recommend it for families with little ones or medium or big ones!  We will certainly being staying there again!

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