Monday, June 29, 2020

Lunch Time This or That

I'm a sucker for books.  All books. List books, notebooks, this or that books. Yes, the ones that ask you introspective questions that you have to fill out.  I think they're interesting. I came across this book, 3000 Pick One Questions, at Target and it made its way into my cart. A few days ago during lunch I started at the beginning and asked the buddies a few of the this or thats. I thought I would know most of their answers but a few caught me by surprise!

Dancing or Singing?
WAC: Singing
TAC: Dancing

Video games or board games?
WAC and TAC: Video games

Snow cones or popsicles?
WAC and TAC: Popsicles

Butterflies or dragon flies?
WAC: Butterflies because they're so beautiful.
TAC: Butterflies because it's so cool when they come out of their cocoons.

Build a snowman or a sandcastle?
WAC and TAC: Sandcastles!

Cake or Cookies?
WAC: Chocolate chip cookies.
TAC: Double doozies. Wait I like both!

Foot massage or back massage?
TAC: Back massages!
WAC: I actually like it when you massage my forehead

Popcorn or Golfish?
WAC: Golfish
TAC: I think popcorn with M&M's for me!

Angry Birds or Candy Crush?
WAC & TAC: Angry birds

Donuts or muffins?
WAC: Definitely donuts! And chicken minis..... I love those things!
TAC: Donuts!

Summer or Winter?
WAC: Summer. I think spending time with my family.
TAC: Winter! I like it when Santa comes down our chimney.

S'mores or Brownies?
WAC: Brownies
TAC: Both

Drums or guitar?
TAC: Drums
WAC: Guitar

Purple or green grapes?
TAC: Cotton candy green grapes!
WAC: Oh, that's green.

Jelly beans or gummy bears?
WAC: Rainbow mini gummy bears with chocolate
TAC: Gummy worms!

What are some ways that you get to know about your kiddos?

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