Sunday, October 24, 2010

saturday adventure day

The realization that this was our last unplanned weekend until Christmas occurred to Benjamin and I when we were at dinner on Friday night.  It's all good stuff that we have going on between now and then - interviews, visitors, weddings, graduations, parties!

While thumbing through my Budget Travel magazine, I read the article Rediscovering Dallas.  In the article it talked about the Bishops Arts District.  Since  we hadn't ever been before, Benjamin and I popped into Blue Barry and headed down to Oakcliff to walk around in the rain.

Our first stop was Fete-ish, a cute little shop stuffed wall to wall with original paintings, knick-knacks, and fun gifty things.  We picked up a cute painting that we are going to get framed.  We ate at Eno's Pizza, which was delish!  We ate Eno's Original complete with tomatoes, salami, garlic and peppers.  It was the most flavorful pizza I have ever eaten.  For dessert we headed to Tillman's and shared their Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookie Tower.  The banana ice cream was outstanding!

Our Saturday adventure wrapped up with Benjamin and I sitting on the couch watching Iron Man 2.  I am thankful for days like these and look forward to the weekends that we have coming up!

Eno's Original Pizza!
Coffee at Tillman's... the milk is in a cow!
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookie Tower!!
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Everything's up to date in Kansas City!

Kansas City had beautiful weather on Sunday.  We started our day by heading out in search of a Target so that we could see if they had any little Lego men still available.  In our quest for more Lego men, we drove around the Shawnee Mission area which was full of beautiful trees and really cute houses.

After our search for Lego men was complete, we headed back to The Plaza to eat some lunch and walk around.  The highlight of my visit was being at the Hallmark complex!  I read the biography of J.C. Hall, the founder of Hallmark, a couple of years ago and that combined with my love of Hallmark ornaments and Gold Crown Stores led me to geek out when I saw Halls, the Crayola store, and the corporate office.

We a few more hours to before Benjamin needed to be ready for dinner, so we headed to the World War 1 museum.  I was extremely impressed by the exhibits of the museum and the memorial tower that had a panoramic view of Kansas City.

Extreme concentration!
The cow jumped over the moon!
In front of the Hallmark Complex
World War I monument and museum
Happy Couple in KC, MO
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Interview Update

Last night Benjamin and I realized that it had only been one week since we dropped Lulu off in Houston to stay with my folks while we traveled around for interviews.

Only one week!

This past week has been quite a busy one for us.  Starting last Thursday...  Benjamin and I drove to Houston so that he could attend his first orthodontic residency interview!  Thursday night's dinner went very well and that momentum carried into Friday's interview with the different panels.  Benjamin felt confident that all went well in Houston and that makes waiting until December 2nd even harder!

Saturday we drove from Houston, to Dallas so that we could pack with enough time to get to the airport to fly to Kansas City, MO.  We were able to have all day Sunday to sightsee and check out some neighborhoods around the school.  I totally geeked out with excitement because we were able to see Hallmark headquarters!

The interview process in Kansas City was insightful.  Not being from there, Benjamin was able to get a good feel of the program and residents that currently attend there.  We left Kansas City with a confirmation of where to rank it in our order of preferences.

We arrived back in Dallas on Monday night late.  Tuesday involved us going to back to work and to patients.  That evening we packed Benjamin so that he could get up and head to San Antonio Wednesday morning.  Things at work were quite hectic so we decided that I would stay home instead of trying to work remotely from a La Quinta.  The interviews at San Antonio also affirmed their position on our list.

Last week God was present in the interview process - giving Benjamin clarity of mind, allowing him to be confident in the answers he gave as well as forming good impressions with the residents and interviewers.  He has blessed us with safe travel, wisdom and restful sleep.

This week Benjamin has his Dallas interview and we will be traveling to New Orleans!
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello Again!

Doesn't it seem like life just gets away?  I mean, where does time go?  It seems like just yesterday we were home in Houston playing with Lulu in the swimming pool!  
Since that time I attended a wedding shower for Samantha.
We went and saw the Blue Man Group with Beazley in honor of Benjamin's birthday.
My Grandparents came into town.  Mom brought them to visit us in the Big D.  Noah and Salem popped in for dinner.  We went to the Heard Museum and also to the Plano Balloon Festival.
We went to a fancy dinner for a school event.
We saw Shrek.
And we went to the State Fair!
Whew!  I'm tired...  The next few weeks will be crazy but enjoyable as we are heading into interview season for Orthodontic residencies!  We will keep you posted, dear reader on what where we are and how things are going!
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